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January 2nd, 2010

title: Said the Joker to the Thief
author: victoria p. [musesfool]
summary: "Why are you really here, Max?"
recipient: obsessivemuch
pairing: Max/Alec
rating: adult
warnings: none
word count: 3,727 words

Thanks to amberlynne for hand-holding.

Said the Joker to the ThiefCollapse )


Feedback is always welcome.

Title: And her mouth on a valentine
For: minim_calibre
Author: callmesandy
Pairing: Original Cindy/Sam
Rating: mild swearing
Warnings: none
Notes: Thanks to templemarker for awesome beta, all mistakes mine. No profit garnered, etc. Title from Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Summary:"Original Cindy ain't her and there is no trouble around here. Reconnoiter, reconnect, renew with people and then head home in five months. That's the mission."

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All the Wonder That Would Be (Max/Alec)

Title: All the Wonder That Would Be
Author: obsessivemuch
Summary: Temporarily taking care of an abandoned baby has implications for Max and Alec, both political and personal.
Rating: G
Recipient: callmesandy
Warnings: None
Notes: Title from "When I dipt into the future far as human eye could see / Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be" – Locksley Hall by Alfred, Lord Tennyson - thanks to both callmesandy and musesfool for the prompt and the challenge.

All the Wonder That Would BeCollapse )
Title: Figure Out This Thing
Author: Rana Eros
Recipient: Clare (clare328)
Rating: Inexplicit
Pairing: Max/Alec
Word Count: App. 1800
Summary: "You would stand at the end, the beginning of something good."
Author's Notes: This is not the first or even second story I set out to write, but the first grew into a monster and the second wouldn't gel. Then a friend reminded me of the existence of the song "Maybe Mexico," by Russell Wolff, and this story kind of wrote itself. Sadly, it wouldn't go porny places, but I hope the skinny dipping reference makes up for that. Well, and the cars. Title and summary from "Maybe Mexico," speed beta by the mighty Eliza.

Figure Out This ThingCollapse )
Title: I don't think about a bright moon
Author: minim_calibre
Summary: "She walks over to where he and Mole have been going over the supply lists and grabs hold of Alec's sleeve, yanking him towards the door. "We need to talk. Alone. Now.""
Rating: Adult
Recipient: some_stars
Warnings: consensual power plays
Word count: ~1300
Notes: LC, I followed prompt the first as closely as I could. Thanks to my girls for the quick-n-dirty. Title from that Lords of Acid song. Yes, that one.

story belowCollapse )
Title: The Trials of a Hacker
Fandom: Dark Angel/Veronica Mars
Pairing: Original Cindy/Cindy Mackenzie
Rating: Worksafe
Recipient: templemaker
Summary: It's come time for Mac to give up her cushy desk job, and she's not sure she can do it.
A/N: Tia Nuestra is from "glum olitory obfuscate gazebo" by soundingsea.

The Trials of a HackerCollapse )
Title: Tripped Up
Author: templemarker
Summary: She was feelin' me so hard half the club turned to watch, and the other half were lookin' away 'cause they jealous.
Rating: R
Warnings: N/A
Notes: Thanks to minim_calibre for beta services.

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