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January 3rd, 2010


Title: Donuts
Author: clare328
Summary: The decision whether or not to head back to Seattle is made by a 300 pound security guard who thinks that donuts are preferable to doing his job.
Rating: M, for language.
Recipient: for evenasiwander
Warnings: None.
Notes: from the prompt - Biggs just being cool. Or Whatever
I tried to include Max and Alec on a run, witty banter, but unfortunately I struggle with dialogue full stop, let alone witty dialogue, so hopefully Biggs here is cool enough to make up for that. This is how he always is in my head.
Un Beta'd, and though there are no spelling/grammar issues, there are some serious structural ones, that are annoying me, but that I don't have time to fix if I want to get this in on time. That and I'm not sure how to fix them just yet. So feedback would be really appreciated.

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[admin] Broken Toys master list

Okay, guys, here is the master list of stories. As of right now (2:15 pm ET on 1/3/10), it looks like everyone who turned in a story has received a story, so unless any of the janey-come-latelies* posts in the next day or so, I am not going to worry about lining up pinch hitters for them.

Broken Toys Master List of Stories

That was fun! We'll have to do it again sometime. *g*

Thanks for playing.

*Merriam-Webster lists this as a possible plural, and it sounded better to my ear in this context than janies-come-lately.

Title: Hard Right Turn
Author: templemarker
Summary: "What, does the smell of leather do it for you or something?"
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: N/A
Notes: Thanks to my betas for their quick turnaround. Alec/Max, doin' it on the motorcycle.

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