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Hard Right Turn by templemarker, for ranalore (Max/Alec, NC-17)

Title: Hard Right Turn
Author: templemarker
Summary: "What, does the smell of leather do it for you or something?"
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: N/A
Notes: Thanks to my betas for their quick turnaround. Alec/Max, doin' it on the motorcycle.

"What, does the smell of leather do it for you or something?" Max said, unimpressed.

Alec grinned that half-fake, trying-too-hard, rough-around-the-edges smile she pretty much hated on his face. "It's you, Maxie, on any available surface."

She snorted, shrugging off her leather jacket. "Nice line, ass. Next thing you'll be sayin' I fell from heaven."

"And don't you look like an angel," Alec agreed, eyes on her hands where they flicked the button of her jeans through the hole.

"Shut up and take your pants off," she said. It was one of the few commands he'd actually follow.

"Fuck, I love it when you're bossy," he said, pulling off his shirt to show off all those muscles she didn't mind a bit. Max hopped up on her bike, running her hand over the warm metal; she'd just done a run up on Cap Hill, which was always a pain in her ass. Too crowded, too pissy, and never enough room to move. Then she gets home, and Mr Butter-Couldn't-Melt is sitting on her broke-ass couch like he's got a right to be there and nothing important to do. But Max, she can roll with a punch or two, so she just parked her bike and figured she could blow off some steam.

"Why don't you put your mouth to better use?" she asked, toeing off her boots and skimming off her jeans. She was maybe a little pleased to catch his fingers twitching and his eyes dilating. One thing she'd learned too well: you don't have like someone too much to screw 'em. Though it could help.

Alec booked it over to her and fell to his knees, pressing his face to her stomach and inhaling. "The way you fucking smell, it drives me crazy."

"Gotta love some bio-engineered pheromones," she said, twisting until his mouth was at the fabric of her underwear. He took the hint, pulling them down with his teeth, and Max gripped the bike to keep balanced. Alec's tongue flicked out, hitting that spot that always, always wanted to be worked right, and Max let out a noise she didn't much like and couldn't much control. It seemed to work for Alex though, who breathed deep and tugged her legs apart to give him more room to work.

His tongue against her, working up and down and darting against her clit like she was a drum and he was set on banging her, set off those happy tremors that worked from the inside out. Max could feel her fingernails digging into the leather, smell the oil and chemical polish she'd bought last month instead of vegetables. Alec sounded fucking good, moaning like he'd been thinking about this for however long he was up in her space 'til she got home.

She lifted one of her hands from the bike and put it in Alec's hair, a little longer than she liked on him, but whatever; it made it easier to push him up, direct him where she wanted him to go. And he liked that shit too, liked it when she pushed him around a little. She figured he was just fucked up enough that it made him feel like he mattered, and she was a little fucked up too, so she let him think it was a lie.

Alec put his lips right the fuck there, and sealed them over her clit, sucking hard. That was it, all she needed and she was done; she pushed up against his tongue and shuddered out her pleasure, trying to keep the noises that wanted to get out from escaping.

She opened her eyes, and he was looking at her from his place kneeling on the floor. "C'mere," she said, finished but still sharp, and she pushed his jeans and briefs down over his ass, letting her fingers run over the hot skin there. She turned on the bike, tilting back a little to swing one of her legs over and bringing Alec in close. His cock was thick and hard, leaking a little at the tip. She rubbed her thumb over the slit just to watch him shake, flicking open a compartment with her other hand to pull out a condom. He watched, eyes slitted, as she rolled it on; and then she tilted her head up, shook her hair out of her face, and met his eyes. Open for business, act fast, she thought.

His hands fell to her waist, and she felt his palms linger on her skin for a moment before his grip tightened and he pulled her smoothly onto his cock. Boy might fail at honesty, but his hips sure don't lie. Her head fell back as he fucked her, tight and regular like every thrust was a test to perfection. Her toes curled up and she felt for one of the bike grips, holding on so she could grind down better on the hot stretch of skin working its way so well inside.

"Max," he said, coming up from somewhere inside his chest, grainy and muted. "Fuck, Max--"

"Yeah," she said, because what else was there; she arched up and felt him stiffen, sinking so deep inside her she could feel the twitch of his thighs. She pushed herself down further, clenching up inside herself to try and get a second round, and her eyes were open just enough to watch him lick his thumb and push it lower, between the slick heat of their bodies and right onto her clit. She let out something strangled and too loud, and came again around the length of him inside her.

When she came down and could open her eyes again, she found Alec balancing himself over her so she wouldn't carry his weight. She shifted, watching his face as she pulled herself up and off of him, and they did a careful dance to get off the bike without falling, or tipping her baby over.

"And here I just cleaned the bike last weekend," she said to break the silence.

Alec flashed a smile at her, tying off the condom and pulling on his underwear. "I'll help you detail her tomorrow." He paused. "If you want."

She thought about it for a second and nodded. "Yeah, okay." She grabbed a blanket from the couch to cover herself and watched him get dressed. "You can bring dinner too." She watched him turn his head, and then catch it and reach for his shoes. "If you want."

When Alec turned, his face was schooled, but she could hear his heart beat just as well as her own, and it was skipping a step or two. "Yeah," he said. "I'll bring Dick's, with those extra pickles you like."

"Okay," she said, and watched him leave. Her hand fell to the cooled metal of the bike and she watched the door click shut.
Tags: alec mcdowell, by: templemarker, for: rana eros, max guevara, max/alec, nc-17
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